School Syllabus is a provider of Offline Animated content/videos and Worksheets for classes 1 – 10, providing curriculum specific content that engages students, supports educators and bolsters achievement. Our educational resources are for home and classroom usage.

School Syllabus is a product of TechMavestro offering a wide range of self-paced learning MemoryCards, Animated Videos which helps students to Score More with content based on cognitive learning approach. This helps students with easy understanding and long time retention of complex content for NCERT,CBSE,ICSE

Our Vision

We believe in simplifying how you run your schooling with the help of technology so you can focus on what you learn is best. Our offline learning management software is designed from the ground up with one purpose: to help you become more efficient.

Our Mission

To provide end-to-end education solution in the K-12 segment.
To become a leader in the education services field.
To create a comprehensive educational content that can be delivered through series of innovative mechanism , thus removing physical and cultural barriers in knowledge dissemination.
To be a vehicle of change by creating interface that allow education to reach the underprivileged.

A new kind of learning environment, offers unique benefits to students, parents and educators. It brings together the best supplemental content aimed at meeting the needs of students